This Eczema Psoriasis medicinal healing soap bar is our best seller, as our customer choose it again and again! Nothing but the Purest Shea Butter and the cleanest natural products go into making this soap.

This soap works wonders, and it is extremely effective when it comes to ECZEMA OR PSORIASIS. Calendula its main healing ingredient was added to deal with such problems, alcohol and other toxic chemicals were TOTALLY avoided to ensure that, what touches your skin is pure goodness.

Made with Calendula enzyme extract, Shea Butter as its base, with Avocado, Olive, Palm, and Coconut oils, and no chemicals, bonding agents, NO artificial colors or additives, only love and pure goodness is the final ingredient from mother earth and nothing else!

Try yours today, you’ll love the way your skin will feel afterwards, and join the many customers who already rave about it!